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Getting Out of the Crisis: With Greg Anderson

a business or managing one is never as easy as taking a walk in the
countryside. But let’s start from another assumption that I think we both
agree. If we have a bone problem, do we agree that we would go to the
orthopedic doctor?

short, we turn to a specialist who in a specific field is better prepared than
us. In these cases, the best person to turn to for the following matters and
their solutions is Greg Anderson. He happens to be having all the experienced
for the same. His suggestions are sure to help you in the long run.

you tell me why never when we talk about business (or business if you are of
those people who make you angry), we forget this thing and we think that the
specialist is superfluous, or in the worst case we think that the
“Precious” advice from the accountant or his cousin, the
“awake” one who is perhaps also an accountant? Which, since he records
invoices and fills out the forms to make companies pay taxes, does he believe
he is an expert in business, marketing and management?

you wake up in the morning or you come home in the evening after a bad day of
work as an employee and looking at our partner or our cat / dog, we say:

“Enough now I
want to open my own business”

that it is enough to go to the tax consultant and open his own company. And
then just pull up the “shutter” and wait for customers to arrive. No.
“So I also have a lot of friends who will surely come to me, and they will
also give me word of mouth”, you can count on them.

do we find ourselves looking at our thirty-year-old business once it flourishes
and thrives, losing hits year after year and believing that the only fault is
the bad one of the crisis and that it is enough to wait and resist that
everything will pass?

An impressive

if we want to believe that the closures of these 36 companies should all be
attributed to the economic crisis and that none has anything to do with what
was said above.

  • That
    there are no liability of the owners concerning poor preparation on the
    business management, marketing and sales front, or there are also deficiencies
    linked to the total absence of customer acquisition systems, or to the scarce
    knowledge of digital tools, I believe it is the desire to put the head in the
  • We
    are more than aware that the small entrepreneurs in this country are anything
    but facilitated in doing business, in a sense deciding to open a business makes
    them heroes, but these truths combined with the truth of an economic crisis
    that has changed the market, cannot act as an alibi against gaps in the
    management of some fundamental aspects of one’s business. All these matters are
    properly advised about from Greg Anderson and his company.